About Us

Steve McGill

Half Australian, half English, half Brabants! Steve has always wondered if he was Dutch in a previous life due to his love of shameless dancing, frikandel speciaals and of course the Dutch people. Since living with Jessica in Utrecht, he has overcome a fear of busy places, huge families, and carnaval. He also took full advantage of Jessica's desire to find a slightly crazy guy with a British accent. Professional nerd, but wannabe musician and sportsman.

Jessica Peters

Lover of the Dolly Dots and Care Bears, Jessica is extremely proud to have grown up in the 80s, which almost sums up her "naughty innocence" and simple pleasures. Finding it difficult to sit still, she's found a fellow traveller in Steve who will happily follow her on one adventure to the next. She also has a strange attraction to unshaven men who play guitar and was extremely patient with Steve accidentally calling her a "farmer bitch" (boederijwijf) in the early days of their relationship.

Our Story

We met

When Steve graduated in his Bachelors degree somewhat earlier than the professional Masters students in his circle of friends, he moved to Eindhoven to tag along to Stijn's many parties in Stratumseind. Steve first saw Jessica dancing on a pool table in the Miller. Jessica had to laugh at Steve wearing a tracksuit in the middle of a bar. It wasn't exactly love at first sight!

We dated

We bumped into each other again in London at René's New Year's Eve party in 2008/2009. Definitely a night to remember! It started as a fairly slow-moving long-distance relationship, with Jessica only teasing with a glint in her eye: 'I'm not done with you yet'. But in October that year Steve took a gamble and moved back to the Netherlands to be close-by. Nothing like a bit of subtle pressure!


Bad timing, rain, wind and high-heels ensured romance wasn't really in the air at Arthur's Seat, the highest point in Edinburgh. Disaster struck again when we took turns to pass out in the hotel room. Our friends mistakenly thought we announced our engagement via Facebook! Steve finally dragged Jessica away from the shops into a beautiful park and got down on one knee. We celebrated in style at the nearby Octoberfest party!

Our Witnesses

Stijn Driessen
Best man

Part-time cupid "Papa Steino"'s legendary pre-parties, nights out and "Stijn eggs" which cured any hangover ensured the "mateys" kept coming back for more. Steve's old house-mate and entrepreneurial partner in crime.

Danielle Peters

Marketing extraordinaire, socialite and overall best sister on the planet. Often found in South America, or in Dutch customs when caught trying to smuggle Chinese bags from Hong Kong.

Jamie Morris
Best Man

Talented guitar supremo, gaming nerd and programming genius. Softly-spoken Northerner who would quite literally give you the shirt off his back. The best friend a guy can have, and ridiculously proud husband and father.

Bojana Zoranovic

Our high-flying Rotterdams/Balkan beauty is well known for her wide-ranging interests from hardcore clubbing to salsa dancing, Cuban cigar smoking to yoga and of course her passion for crepe nutella and frikandel speciaals.

Masters of Ceremony

Marike Koopmans

Marike is the beautiful, energetic and enthusiastic ex roommate of Jess. With Marike you are guaranteed crazy travel adventures and city trips, but she still thinks we should all move back to Eindhoven. Baby number 2 is due the day after our wedding... never a dull moment! Marike was probably a Buddha in a previous life: her second home is a monastery in Nepal. Her boyfriend Dennis has a passionate relationship with Steve during carnaval.

Jan Boumans

Jan (a.k.a. Jannie Bee / Droom-man) shares our passion for Utrecht, shoe-shopping, shit music at the Derreck and shameless dance-offs. His mother Rieky has welcomed hundreds of visitors to their home: foreign students on exchange, hockey teammates, and Steve + family when he first moved to the Netherlands. Extremely sharp, he has the ability to defuse a month's worth of worry with one sentence. One of our oldest friends and all-round incredible guy.

René Heunen

René studied with Jess in Eindhoven, lived with Stijn in Amsterdam, and now is following his dreams with his beautiful wife Maria in Sweden. Sometimes quiet, often stubborn, yet always the life and soul of the party. It was René's New Year's Eve party in London where Jess & Steve met again after several years. He is one of the most unique, creative people that we know. Has a weakness for tequila!